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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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10 Funny German Words... for Greeks!

Today we are talking about funny German words! And when I say "funny", I mean German words, that have funny different meaning in an other language! And they're funny, because they can easily cause a misunderstanding or a very awkward moment between two people of a different origin. Most probably, you already know that I am Greek, so I will choose German words that have a funny meaning in Greek!

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How To Say In German: I am from...!

Dennis Wants To Know How To Say In German "I am Dennis and I am FROM Florida". I Am Answering Him In This Video Quickly And Simply As Always! Enjoy!

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Frohes Neues + Big Announcements!

In The First Video Of The Year I am Talking About a Couple Of Things That Changed My Life! And This Is Where I am Making Two Big Announcements! One About My Health and One About My Brand New eBook! Don't Miss This!

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