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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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German Pronunciation: fertiCH, fertiSCH or fertiK?

German words ending in -ig can be a headache, right? You have heard words like "fertig" beeing pronounced so many different ways! But, which one is the right way? Let me solve this mystery for you, the MrsDeutsch way! ;D

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Moving to Germany as a Greek - Afraid of Bullying?

Greek Crisis is getting worse! While the German goverment is playing God in Europe threatening with a Grexit, Greek people are looking for a better life abroad, many of them moving to Germany. Should they be afraid of German bullies? These are my thoughts, answering to my friend Eirini...

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Why do People Learn German?

The last couple of months I was taking some interesting MOOCs on Linguistics and Translation, so I thought I should ask my classmates who learn German about the reasons why they decided to do so. They gave me the most exciting answers! You wanna check them out!

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German Adjective Endings - Readers asking

My friend Katrina has a question about a certain part of my eBook "The Mrs Deutsch method on the German adjectival endings". So, what about that "es"? This is my answer to her!

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Ich kann kein Deutsch!!! (I don't speak German)

Somebody asked me in a very "polite" way, why am I making videos about the German language in English and not in German. I thought he deserves an honest and serious answer... There you are!

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